Barbless/De-Barbed Hooks

The DAA advises all members that using Barbless or De-Barbed hooks is compulsory on our waters. Barbless speaks for its-self, de-barbed means the barb is crushed flat in line with the hook point.

Fish Handling

Please practice catch & release.  When releasing fish please do so in or on the water.  If a photo is required un-hook the fish in the water in a “fish friendly” net ie knotless and preferably rubber.  Always wet your hands, keep the fish low to the water’s surface and never use a towel to hold a fish.  If the fish is hooked deep, cut the leader close to the fishes’ mouth and release.  Never go “digging around” as this will only result later in the fishes’ death.  Remember these are the Jewels in the DAA’s Crown.