The DAA would like to remind all members fishing on association waters that they do so at their own risk.

  • Please observe safety notices in relation to overhead power lines
  • Please park responsibly, note - the lane leading to Percys beat (Chapel St) is very narrow and it is recommended that you park in Dulverton and walk to the beat.
  • A safety briefing will be given prior to work party activities.
  • Our waters are fast flowing and it is recommended that when wading appropriate footwear is used (studded or felt soles) in conjunction with a stout wading staff and use of a self inflating life jacket is also recommended.
  • If fishing alone it is advisable to make someone aware of where you are and what time you are expected back, telephone signals are virtually non existent on Association waters.
  • On several of our beats there are bridges across the rivers. These are not the DAA’s responsibility to repair or mend, several are in a poor state of repair. We would advise that you avoid using them or do so at your own risk. Please take care.