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We practice barbless fly only and catch and release with the exception of Rainbow Trout on all of our waters, please read the note below on Salmon

Release ALL salmon.

  • Always carry an appropriate knotless net, never beach a fish.
  • Always carry a Ketchum or similar appropriate disgorger.
  • Before starting to fish look to ensure a suitable place to net it.
  • Do not use treble hooks in any form of fishing.
  • Ensure barbs are fully closed on double and single hooks.
  • Play the fish as quickly as possible.
  • Keep the fish in the net in the water whist unhooking and photographing.
  • Never pick the fish up by the wrist ( tail ).
  • When releasing gently hold the fish with its head upstream and be patient, it will swim off when it is ready.
  • During extended hot weather and low flows salmon will be stressed anyway and we recommend not fishing in these conditions.