Hele Beat

a potential target for 617 Squadron as it impedes trout migration despite the breachHele is the middle of the 3 Exe beats on which the DAA has fishing. It runs from the weir just downstream of Hele Bridge to the bridge at the Hut where it joins the Perry beat. Although it can seem a somewhat gloomy with stands of conifers running right down to bank in places it is nevertheless both productive and challenging.  Access is generally good. Parking is at the Hut.


a view upstream towards the weir just out of site of this locationAlthough it s a bit of a hike getting up to the top of the beat  this section in particular is lightly fished and has benefitted from work done recently to open up the river to let in light and provide more cover.  Plans are also underway to remove the weir to open up the upper stretches of the river to migratory trout.


the perfect spot for lunch