Getting Started

Wading gear is essentialAs with most sports there is a basic list of kit that you will need before you can begin fly fishing in earnest.  Equally the range of equipment on offer and the terminology can seem daunting at first glance – do you need a float tube, what is a woolly bugger and should I worry about coming into contact with one for example?

In an effort to help out the bemused beginner the DAA would recommend the following equipment for anyone starting out in the sport and intending to fish on DAA waters. These recommendations would provide optimum performance on the river but would work satisfactorily on still waters as well.

You will need the following:
  • A rod preferably rated 2/4#  between 6'-8' feet in length
  • A reel of the same rating as the rod 
  • A floating fly line weight forward or for better presentation a double taper 
  • A leader i.e. the thin nylon line from the end of the fly line from which is attached the fly. These come in various strengths but several at 3lb tippet should suffice for the fish you are likely to catch on DAA waters
  • A pair of waders – thigh waders are the cheapest and are suitable for most parts of DAA waters in normal conditions, when wading I would strongley recommend using a wading stick.
  • A pair of polarised sunglasses both to enable you to spot fish and to protect your sight lest an errant fly hits you in the face.
  • A selection of flies – see the recommendations from John Dawson 
  • A cap to keep the sun out of your eyes- also useful for sticking the odd fly in
  • A pair of snips for cutting tippet 
  • A box to keep your flies in
  • Permasink/floatant
This will be enough to get you going and if there will be plenty of opportunities as you become more experienced (obsessed) to add to and develop this list depending on when, where and how often you fish and how deep your pockets are.
In terms of where to buy there are of course the usual host of online retailers and locally we have Lance Nicholson in Dulverton who can supply all the above equipment and can also make you a rod to your specifications into the bargain.