Catch Return

The completion and submission of a catch return is a condition of membership but as importantly the data collected each year helps the DAA and others consider the health of the rivers on which we fish and with the benefit of historical data whether any significant trends are developing. Therefore it is vitally important that returns are as accurate as possible and are submitted in good time each year to enable analysis to take please before the AGM.

The Association would also strongley encourage "Catch & Return" all the fish in our rivers are wild, there is no stocking, a pinched barb or better still barbless hooks are recommended, that way a little shake at the hand and they are away
*Note Rainbow Trout are non native and are escapees from fish farms they interfere with the ecology of the river and should all be despatched.

Set out below are some pictures and links which will help to identify the type of fish you might catch on DAA waters

Brown Trout

A lovely wild brownie typical of a DAA fish


A good sized Grayling


Rainbow Trout

Sea Trout